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Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)

Please follow the instructions below before sending the instruments to F2H Store for service.

1 Document Requirements:

1.1: On all documents, including Commercial Invoice, Airway Bill, Packing List, etc., DO NOT write “REPAIR” or “RETURN”. Otherwise, China Customs require a test report for the faulty instruments from the third party to do Customs Clearance. It takes long time and high cost.

1.2: The total value, including the value of the instruments and freight, on all documents, should be less than USD500 so that F2H Store could do rapid Customs Clearance. (China Customs regulates that the total value, including the value of the instruments, freight and Value Added Tax should be less than CNY 5000 and the weight is less than 100kgs when F2H Store do rapid Customs Clearance.)

1.3: All documents should be sent to F2H Store for confirmation before the instruments are delivered.

1.4: You can send email to sales@f2hstore.com to have Commercial Invoice or your own.

If Clause 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 are not strictly carried out, F2H Store will reserve the rights below:

    A) Return the instruments to you without notice when the instruments arrives in China Customs;
    B) Compensate additional cost to F2H Store.


2  Fee: Freight, Value Added Tax and Customs Duty

2.1: For any defective instruments within new delivery and being found within ONE WEEK, all the delivery and tax fee is at F2H Store’s side.

2.2: For faulty instruments within the warranty period (default warranty period is 1 year from the shipment date), the freight back to F2H Store is at your expense and Value Added Tax and Customs Duty is at F2H Store’s expense.

While the freight from F2H Store back to you is at F2H Store’s expense and local tax expense ( like VAT and Customs Duty) is at your expense.

2.3: For faulty instruments out of the warranty period, all the fee is at your expense.


3 Accessories of the instruments:

Please send all functional accessories with the instruments, for example: connectors/adaptors, patchcords, power supplies, etc., in case that they are faulty.
(Fullfill and copy the table to sales@f2hstore.com before you send your goods back)



Invoice No.






Postal Code










Shipment Date

(the date delivered from you)



Serial Number

Problem or Reason



Power Meter





Power Meter