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Price Match

 If you find the same product at a lower price from an authorized reseller let us know and we will match that price.

What is F2Hstore.com's Price Match Promise?
We really want your business so we make sure our prices are competitive. However, if you happen to find a lower price on a new identical item (total package including postage and packing), just show us the lower price at the time of purchase and we will match it.

We pride ourselves on making sure you get the product you’re looking for at the best possible price, so give it a try and we’ll give you a deal. Promise.
How does F2Hstore.com's Price Match Promise work?
You can ensure your price match promise in two ways:
  1. Pick up the phone and call +86-21-54451216-603.
    Have the following information available and ready:
    - Exact part number and description of the product.
    - The delivery price of the item (must be in stock at the competitor’s shipping location with packing and shipping charges included)
    - URL of web site with product (You must provide us with a link to the page with the product; we may consider a verbal quote but all verbal quotes are subject to rejection.)

  2. Fill out and copy following price match request form to email us sales@f2hstore.com (required items appear with a red *):

    Price Match Request Form:
    Your Name: *
    Your E-mail: *
    Your Daytime Phone #: *
    Your Cell Phone #:
    Information of Product to Price Match
    Product Name: *
    Product Part #: *
    Product Description: *
    Competitors Price (Delivered Price): *
    Our Price (Delivered Price): *
    URL of Cheaper Product: *


What items are eligible for F2Hstore.com’s Price Match Promise?
Almost everything we sell with the exception of used and refurbished products. The item must be identical, including model number, components and warranty. The item must be in stock and available for purchase at that price from an authorized reseller, whose authorization we reserve the right to verify.
Which items and services aren’t available for price match?
We don’t price match taxes, typographical errors, items sold at local/special events or items sold on auction sites. Many fiber optic products are on the black market and auction sites like E-bay or Amazon.com are where many non-authorized distributors receive their products from. These products do not come with a warranty or any technical phone support like you get from F2Hstore.com. F2Hstore.com products come directly from the manufacturer which ensures quality and lasting support.
Are delivery charges included in the price match?
Yes. When we compare our price to another company's delivery price, the equivalent delivery charges will be included. If the other company's delivery charges are not supplied, we will add $7.95 to the other 's price