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PON Maintenance Solution

To an accomplished PON, it is very important and essential to have a inspection and detection for the optical line. Since the optical network is based on point to multi-points architecture(Branch distribution architecture), if one upper optical line has been damaged, broken, or little over-bended, the transmission performance to the terminal subscriber would have a huge decline and to the terminal subscriber, the transmission rate would be dissatisfied. Therefor, the PON Maintenance Solution we offered is not only for fixing a broken optical line but also for prevent the optical line from the potential threats.

The PON Maintenance Solution provides variety special optical testing meters for users. Users can choose different meters to inspect the accomplished PON according to the local network environment. Here, we also list some recommended applications.

  • For testing a short distance optical line: the visible fault locator, optical power meter, laser source and small dynamic range OTDR are recommended.
  • For locating the position of a damaged or broken point: the fiber ranger, visible fault locator, OTDR are recommended.
  • For testing a optical line in remote distract where the radio single can hardly reached: the fiber identifier, optical talk set and OTDR are recommended.
  • For some FTTx online maintenance projects which require fast detection and the normal online service must not be stopped, the PON laser source, PON OTDR are recommended.
  • For observing the optical nod like an wayside ODC, the cleaning tools and optical microscope are recommended.

Within this solution, we offers the special detection meters and tools as well as the application tutorials of the products. With this solution, even a greenhand can do the maintenance projects for a Passive Optical Network.