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Optical Component Inspection Solution

Optical component is now widely used in every aspects of PON from a patchcord to OLT device. The precise of the optical components affect on the transmission quality directly. As a high precision and high sensitive product, the quality of the optical components must be identified before coming out from the manufactory. Otherwise the quality of the whole optical network would be limited by the unqualified optical components.Differ from the construction, accessing and maintenance detection requirements, in most manufactory testing, the handheld meter can not reach the higher demands of the detection. Therefor, we offers variety bench-top testing meters to meet the high demanding manufacturing test. Compare to the handheld testing meter, a bench-top testing meter always has a bigger volume. This feature makes the bench-top have a possibility to break the performance limitation by the volume. So, the bench-top testing meter is more stable, higher precision and suitable for a long time testing.

The solution and products we offered is not only for ensuring the quality of optical opponents but also for helping our clients to improve their products.