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FTTx ODN Distribution Solution

ODN is a cable wiring method of PON. Generally, A passive optical distribution network (PON) uses single mode optical fibre in the outside plant, optical splitters and optical distribution frames, duplexed so that both upstream and downstream signals share the same fiber on separate wavelengths. Faster PON standards generally support a higher split ratio of users per PON, but may also use reach extenders/amplifiers where extra coverage is needed. optical splitters creating a point to multipoint topology are also the same technology regardless of the type of PON system, making any PON network upgradable by changing the ONT and OLT terminals at each end, with minimal change to the physical network.

So, the cable wiring is very important to ODN, a good and reasonable wiring method can ensures the performance and extendability of PON, especially, in a long distance ODN. Otherwise, the ODN would be low capacity, low transmission rate , low extendability and hard to maintenance. To meet the requirements of ODN wiring in different environments. We offer variety cable management products. In buildings, we offer variety OTB(Optical Terminal Box), ODB(Optical Distribution Box) and FTTx Cable; At the terminal point, we offer field assembly connector, fiber socket and variety pitchcord/pigtail. To outdoor construction, we offer both traditional ODC(Optical Distribution Cabinet) and Jumper-free ODC which integrated both cable distribution and splitting function, variety hand tools, optical closure and etc. With these product and tutorials we offered, your ODN will be larger in capacity, more stable in transmission rate and extendable.