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T Series Optical Distribution Cabinet

T Series Optical Distribution Cabinet

The T series optical distribution cabinet(ODC) is a traditional type ODC. It combines the functions of splicing, distribution, storage, environment-proof and management of optical cables. Both high quality Stainless Steel and stainless steel are available. The protection level reaches IP65 which means the material can provide a great performance of both water-proof and dust-proof.With the rising of PON (Passive Optical Network), optical fiber has become the main transmission medium. To manage the huge amount of optical fibers, the ODC is designed. Generally, an ODC is a node in aPON. The optical cable from center office is led into ODC, after a series processing of fixing, splicing, distribution and etc. The accessed optical fibers would finally be distributed to connect the other fibers and reach the destination. The 144 & 288 cores T Series ODC uses front-openning design, and the 576 cores ODC is
designed to be double side that means the 144 & 288 cores ODC requires completely front mounting and 576 cores’ requires frontand-back mounting, each side access 288 cores at most.
Splicing Tray & Tray Type PLC Splitter:The T Series ODC is designed to be assembled with Splicing Tray, but if user wants to assemble splitters in it, we also provides Tray Type Splitter. This type of splitters is same as the splicing tray in shape. The splicing tray we offered comes with Bunch Type Pigtail for each tray.
Note: Assembling Tray Type Splitter will decrease the counts of accessing cores.


  1. Modular design, easy installation and removal
  2. Suitable for SC/APC type
  3. Using high quality Stainless Steel material
  4. Door are protected from external access through hidden hinges
  5. High resistivity against corrosion 19 inch mounting rails
  6. Electrostatic epoxy powder painted surface treatment
  7. Front lockable single door design to keep the cabinet safe, reliable and water-proof
  8. Rust-proof material to ensure cabinets endure climate changes and adverse environment
  9. Protection level reaches to IP65
  10. Full front operation, easy access to cables, pigtails, patchcords, adapters and splices
  11. Complete cable routing design with fiber bend radius over 40mm
  12. Suitable for ribbon and non-ribbon optical fibers
  13. Adopt new type splicing-storage tray, easier to fiber management and operation
  14. Suitable for the assembling of insertion modular PLC splitter
  15. All the attributes can be customized


Series T Series (A type)
Main unit material 304# stainless steel/SMC
Reference dimension (mm) H W D
288 Cores 1500 750 380
144 Cores 940 550 310
Opening type Front opening for cabinet less than 576 cores
Mounting type Ground mounting
Splitter type None (Tray type splitters are offered as option)
Connector/Adapter type SC/UPC; SC/APC (other types can be customized)
Protection level IP65
Main accessories for full accessories cabinet 12*12 cores direct-splicing tray, 12*12 cores splicing tray
With bunch-type patchcord, all connector and adapter is SC type

Order Information:

Part Number Description
ODC-T-SMC-288A-SU-N-S1 T Series 288 Cores SMC ODC, full accessories with SC/UPC type
ODC-T-SMC-288A-SA-N-S1 T Series 288 Cores SMC ODC, full accessories with SC/APC type
ODC-T-SMC-144-SU-N-S1 T Series 144 Cores SMC ODC, full accessories with SC/UPC type
ODC-T-SMC-144-SA-N-S1 T Series 144 Cores SMC ODC, full accessories with SC/APC type
ODC-T-SS-288A-SU-N-S1 T Series 288 Cores Stainless Steel ODC, full accessories with SC/UPC type
ODC-T-SS-288A-SA-N-S1 T Series 288 Cores Stainless Steel ODC, full accessories with SC/APC type
ODC-SS-SMC-144-SU-N-S1 T Series 144 Cores Stainless Steel ODC, full accessories with SC/UPC type
ODC-SS-SMC-144-SA-N-S1 T Series 144 Cores Stainless Steel ODC, full accessories with SC/APC type
ODC-T-SMC-288A-NA-N-N T Series 288 Cores SMC ODC, empty cabinet
ODC-T-SS-288A-NA-N-N T Series 288 Cores Stainless Steel ODC, empty cabinet


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