FLM Test (Fiber Link Measurement), also known as "Optical Eye", uses multiple pulse width acquisitions and advanced algorithms to quickly characterize the fiber under test and display the optical events applying intuitive symbols.

OTDR FLM Testing


OTDR FLM Testing FirstFIber



  • More intelligent OTDR TESTING
  • Newcomers can also complete expert testing
  • Multiple pulse width acquisitons
  • Advanced algorithms
  • Iconic display of events on the line
  • Can be fitted on 3000 and 5000 series OTDR for easier testing
Link Check

In the optical fiber line test,  the connection of the fiber head directly affects the the OTDR transmit power, and the bad connection performance will greatly reduce the transmit power and affect the overall dynamic range. The Link Check function can help testers intuitively understand the connection of the connector and clean it in time and reconnect it.

OTDR curves


After cleaning the fiber endface and reconnect it