FirstFiber Articulated Pipe has been developed to provide shallow water abrasion and impact protection for submarine cables.

FirstFiber is unique in that it clips together, avoiding the nuts and bolts of traditional articulated pipe. This clip together feature allows quick real time application during laying and a much simplified diver installation onto pre-laid cables.

The FirstFiber system comprises two different cast segments which are identified as uppers and lowers. Each successive pair of segments clips over and retains the end of the preceding pair.

A wide range of adaptors and attachments are available for use with FirstFiber Articulated Pipe. These adaptors and attachments allow the reversal of application direction and interfacing with other cable protection measures such as directionally drilled pipes, pipe flanges and concrete abutments.



Segment Length - Overall 537mm
Effective Installed Length/segment pair 500mm
Minimum Internal Diameter 40mm - for cables up to 35mm Dia
Maximum External Diameter 130mm
Wall Thickness 9mm
Material Ductile Iron to AS1831 / ISO 1083
Tensile Strength / Elongation 400MPa / 15%
Impact Resistance >7.5kJ
Minimum Bend Diameter 3.6m
Weight per Segment 6.9kg
Weight per installed metre (air) 13.8kg
Weight per installed metre (water) 11.8kg
Fasteners M12x50 Bolts and M12 Nyloc Nuts – Material: Stainless Steel G316/A4
Recommended usage: 1 pair per 10 metres of installed pipe