The spectrum bandwidth used by 5G has increased rapidly compared to 4G, with 4G using a maximum spectrum bandwidth of 20MHz, while the 5G low frequency band uses 100MHz bandwidth and the 5G High Frequency segment (millimeter wave) uses 800MHz bandwidth, up to 1GHz.

At present, the data processing and transmission of 5G high Frequency segment (millimeter wave) large bandwidth still have some difficulty. Considering the smooth evolution of 5G equipment and the development of the industrial chain, the 100G QSFP28 4WDM & 25G SFP28 CWDM fan-out 5G forward solution launched by FirstFiber Technologies can solve the 5G millimeter wave prequel problem well in the current stage. In the fan-out scheme, 1 100G optical modules are used on the antenna side, 4 25G optical modules are used on the base belt side, and no additional shunt function is required for the device to match the rate at both ends. Antenna side can be selected by the FirstFiber Technologies launched 100G QSFP28 4WDM full temperature 10KM module, the base belt side can also choose 25G CWDM full-working temperature 10KM module, through a MUX/DEMUX bridge wiring connection, the completion of the 5G millimeter wave forward transmission carrier network construction, At the same time, it also greatly saves fiber optic resources.

With the gradual development of 5G network construction, as a leading optical module manufacturers, FirstFiber Technologies will, as always, provide customers with the best optical communication solutions to help the 5G era early arrival.