1) Scope

  1. 1 Application

The fiber distribution cabinet mainly been applied in the interface equipment of the joint point of the trunk cable and the distribution cable in the optical network. It provides the connection、 distribution and exchange function for the outdoor optical cable and can connect the optical cable and the optical fiber by using the movable splitter and splicing tray

1.2 Main features

1.2.1 This product is composed of the single-door cabinet、 the base、 fiber fusion and distribution integrated framefiber fusion and distribution integrated module、optical cable fixing and grounding device、 optical fiber splitter box and fiber threading wire loop etc. The perfect construction design makes it very reliable and convenient for the operation of the cable fixing, grounding, fusion, fixing, fusion, the excess fiber coiling, connection, exchange and test.

1.2.2 The FDC adopts the fiber welding type. It has the following features. The cabinet is a closed cabinet and the cabinet material is SMC. The door is linked with the hinges, the door can be freely open and closed without damage more than 5000 times. The door lock is anti-theft construction, provided with excellent damage proof function, the protection level is IP65, able to withstand dramatic climate and poor working  environment. Provided with the optical cable direct fusion and the excessive fiber storage function; The fiber welding disk can be draw out of the cabinet to operate; Be applicable with ribbon-cable or non-ribbon cable; Can install the FC or SC adapter, easy and convenient for installation;

1.3 Performance

1.3.1 Application Conditions Environment  Temperature:-40℃~+60℃ Storage Temperature:-60℃~+60℃ Relative Humidity:≤95%(+40℃ Atmospheric Pressure:70KPa~106KPa Serving Life≥ 1000 Insulation resistance( between frame and protection grounding)  1000MΩ(500V/DC) Dielectric strength(between frame and protection grounding) >3000V(DC)/ min no spark-over, no flashover.

1.3.3 Applicable Performance Index Standard Working Wavelength :850nm、1310nm、1550nm。 The fiber and the cable conform to the GB/T11819-1989 and the GB/T7424-1987standard.

13.4 Sealing performance Dust Proof:Be superior to the GB4208/IP65standard. Water-proof:can withstand 80KPa hydraulic pressure.

1.3.5 The load capacity ability of the cabinet The case shell can withstand positive pressure ≥1000N. The side can withstand positive pressure  ≥500N. The hinges can withstand no less than 300N pressure which is

perpendicular to the door.

1.3.6 Impact Resistance:Impose an impact at X、Y、Z three axes with the speed peak at 300m/s, and lasting 6ms,no damage, no hurt.

2) Cabinet Installation

2.1 Concrete base installation

2.1.1 Pre-concrete base, shown in the following figure fiber optic cabinets

Concrete Base and Installation Holes

Plinth(L×W×D)750mm×300mm×300mm,leaving the 570mm×300mm×180mm  cable introducing hole in the middle of the base.

2.1.2 Fixed with the expansion bolt, to ensure the screw center distance is 612mm×530mm.

2.1.3 Put the cabinet above the concrete base. The fixing holes and the base mounting holes should be placed in alignment, then locked, the cabinet and the concrete base should maintain vertical.

2.2 When the FDC is aerial installation, the company should provide the FDC platform.

3) Application and Maintenance

 3.1 Working principle of the optical cross connecting cabinet, shown in figure 3:cabinet

3.2 Optical cable fixing and grounding.

3.2.1 The optical cable get into the equipment from the cable introducing hole at the bottom of the cabinet then to the cable grounding and protection device.

3.2.2 The cable is stripped before the hoop fixed point at about 100mm, then be protected with the protection tube, to ensure the stripping length is 800mm~1000mm.

3.2.3 Get the cable with the armored layer fixed on the plate with a hoop,

and get the central strength member fixed on the grounding copper bar.

3.2.4 Get the earth wire connected with the cable fixing plate and then get it 

connected with the earth wire of the machine room.

3.3 The material of the baseplate is flame-resistant rubber bushing, be applicable for cables with different diameter. The diameter of the rubber bushing should be more than 2mm bigger of the diameter of the introducing cable.

3.4 The stripped cable was protected with the snakelike flexible tube, and been fixed with the wire loop on the installation plate, at last, introducing the cable into the fiber welding and distribution integration tray with the fiber natural bending radius.

3.5 Before fiber fusion, get the fiber into the protection tube, then get the optical cable fiber end face fused with the pigtail fiber end face according to the optical cable fusion technology, and then get the fiber coiled in the fiber welding and distribution integration module. (Each disk can weld 12F)


4) Packing/Transportation and Storage

4.1 PackingThe packing of the equipment conform to the product packing standard, which is moisture proof and sun-proof. The accessories and the backup are packaged in other bags.

4.2 TransportationThis equipment is applied to all the transportations, during the transportation, the ambient temperature is -40~+60, the relative humidity 95%(+30℃), when the temperature is over +30or in the rainy days, there should be a cover to avoid directly exposure to the sun and the rain. When loading, unloading and transporting, you should carry out according to the transportation marks that printed on the package. No upside down, no side lay and no reversal.

 4.3 StorageThere should not overweight goods piled up above the cabinet, the aciditybasicity of the air and the harmful gas should conform to the environmental standard. The indoor temperature should within -40~+60, the relative humidity should 95%(+30℃).

5Standard configured  accessories( see packing list, can configured according to the customer demand)

6After-sale service

7.1Thanks for choosing our products, we will provide perfect after-sale service for the products you purchase.

7.2 We are responsible for products transportationinstallation and debugging, and training the relative person to comprehend and known the using and maintain of the purchased products, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

7.3 We provide life long after sale service.


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