On July 13, 2018, China Mobile and Xiaomi held a signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. Chairman of China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. Shang Bing, General Manager Li Yue, Deputy General Manager Jian Qin, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group Lei Jun, Vice President Wang Lingming and CFO Zhou were jointly attended to sign the ceremony.

At the signing ceremony, the two parties stated that they will jointly explore the development opportunities in the emerging business areas based on the established good cooperation relationship, and will jointly promote marketing, channel transformation, intelligent hardware, and government and enterprises according to their strategic layout, resources and capabilities. Strategic cooperation in various aspects such as business, overseas services, and industrial investment. The signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between China Mobile and Xiaomi is of great significance for further expanding the strategic and business maps of both parties and building a new ecosystem for operators and Internet companies.

Previously, China Mobile and Xiaomi have carried out fruitful cooperation in 4G terminals, channels, and ICTs. In the emerging fields such as smart homes and new retail, the two sides are actively exploring and promoting cooperation. In terms of capital cooperation, China Mobile, as a cornerstone investor, invests in Xiaomi Company, and will promote the synergy between the two major ecosystems to realize the complementary advantages of China Mobile users, networks, channels, brands and other industrial resources and Xiaomi Group's intelligent hardware industry chain. Jointly expand the blue ocean market such as 5G and Internet of Things, and work together to create an intelligent connection ecosystem.